Step by Step Construction Process

At Descon Homes we strive to make your home building experience a pleasant one. Building a custom home is a major investment and the process can be vigorous, yet exciting. We suggest that you start looking at homes that best reflect the look and feel that you want to achieve. You have probably found features, finishes and spaces that suit your lifestyle in books or magazines. It is a great idea to bring these items with you to the initial meeting, where we will discuss the general concept of your home and any special features you would like to incorporate. We have in-house architectural and engineering capabilities to create custom plans for you or we also welcome plans you have had created by other architects.

Preliminary pricing is subsequently prepared for the buyer based on the details discussed at the initial meeting. As you decide to move forward with the planning process, parameters for the home design are finalized based on a tailored fit between the clients needs and budget. Once we have come to terms on these items, we will ask you to sign a construction contract.

building process1

Phase 1: Architectural plan preparation and specification writing.

Phase 2: Submission to HOA, negotiate and securing approvals from the architectural committee. Quite often the approval is conditional with numerous comments. The client will be appraised of the comments and conditions and if need be, we may need to resubmit and negotiate. This process, depending on which HOA and who is in charge at the time, may require several weeks.

Phase 3: City/ county building permit: application, negotiation and securing. Now, we can begin the construction process.

Construction Begins

Phase 4: Excavation and earth work

Phase 5: Foundations and underground plumbing work

building process2

Phase 6: Framing

Phase 7: Roof structure and exterior wall sheathing

Phase 8: Roofing and exterior doors & windows

Phase 9: Plumbing Top-out, HVAC ducting, miscellaneous and electrical wiring

Phase 10: Drywall

Phase 11: Painting, wall tile, cabinets and interior woodwork installed

Phase 12: Electric fixtures, plumbing fixtures, heating/air conditioning equipment

Phase 13: Flooring

Phase 14: Construction all finishing components are complete and ready for inspection.

Phase 15: Home Cleaned

Phase 16: Punch list of minor deficiencies

Phase 17: Client walk through

We take you through each step of the home construction process to give you an overview of all the details required. During the construction of your home, you can rest easy knowing that our team is completely familiar with the design of your home. All aspects of construction, from the initial contract to closing, are handled by Descon Homes. Let Descon Homes turn your dreams into real